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Construction of new R&D tomato greenhouse to commence in Maasland

Nieuwe tomaten demokas

• Ensuring that high-quality, innovative varieties enter the chain faster
• Strengthening our position in a dynamic market

Syngenta is pleased to announce that a tomato demo greenhouse is to be built in an ideal, easily accessible location in Maasland. Today, Arend Schot, head EAME vegetable Seeds and Arjan Bassie, managing director of Hortics BV and future greenhouse manager, entered into a contract together.

Arend Schot and Arjan Bassie - new tomato demohouse

Meeting place

First and foremost, the demo greenhouse will be an R&D facility that plays a crucial role in the development of future tomato varieties. It will also be an important meeting place, where research and the market come together and where customers and business partners can see current and future tomato varieties. Syngenta is investing in the acceleration of innovations, in a bid to find the best solutions for growers, the chain, consumers and the environment in today’s ever-changing market. Arend Schot: “For decades now, Syngenta has been focusing on the development of varieties that meet consumers’ demands in terms of taste, convenience, diversity, sustainability and reliability. The Angelle and Sweetelle snack tomatoes are fantastic examples of the results achieved. Our continued success will depend on collaboration with our partners in every part of the chain. Our new demo greenhouse will create a meeting place where we can share experiences with our partners in the chain and generate innovative ideas.”

Modern and sustainable

Syngenta is the market leader in various tomato segments and the present investment will be an important part of its efforts to strengthen its position even further. The greenhouse will enable plant breeders to select varieties in the appropriate environment, being lit and/or unlit cultivation. The greenhouse will be modern and well-equipped, making it possible to breed tomato plants quicker and more efficiently and respond to the global increase in new technologies.

The new greenhouse will feature a sustainable energy system for hot water and electricity and various technologies designed to facilitate energy-efficient cultivation. The possibility of connecting the new greenhouse to the area’s geothermal network is being explored too.

The greenhouse will be divided up into different sections for lit and unlit cultivation; it will have a total growing surface area of 14,000 m2, 1,500 m2 of which will be open to visitors. The reception area will be dual purpose, lending itself to the hosting of events and meetings too. The expectation is that the new R&D facility will be fully operational in spring 2020.

Please contact Marie Legendre for more information: [email protected] or +31610973986.