Good Seed and Plant Protocol

Good seed and plant practices

Tomatoes from Syngenta: GSPP makes perfect

Syngenta is one of the international leaders in crop protection and the breeding of high-quality seeds. We grow seeds for field crops (corn, soybean, sugar beet, sunflower and rapeseed) and for vegetables like tomato, pepper, sweet corn, watermelon, melon, and cucumber. We are doing particularly well in the tomato market. Now, every seventh tomato in the world is grown from Syngenta seeds.

A worldwide effort for healthy tomatoes

A leading position in tomato seed production brings certain responsibilities. For instance, in disease control. Together with our market chain partners - but also with our competitors! - we keep working on new ways to keep tomatoes healthy. One of our focus points is the fight against Clavibacter Michiganensis Michiganensis (Cmm). This dangerous and persistent bacterium causes wilt and dark discolorations on leaves and tomatoes. Syngenta is one of the driving forces behind a market-wide acceptance of Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP). We feel strict adherence to GSPP is crucial to control and eventually eradicate the bacteria.

Third party auditing

One of the strong points of GSPP is that there is an independent organization auditing all growers and producers that adhere to the GSPP standards. Audits are sometimes announced, sometimes a surprise. Strong points and points for improvement are noted, so the participating companies can reinforce and upgrade their infrastructure and processes. All to ascertain strict compliance to the GSPP rules and to minimize the risk of Clavibacter infection.

GSPP in seed production

Producing the seeds for the best tomatoes in the world requires great attention for hygiene according to the GSPP protocol. Every detail counts and nothing is left to chance to assure the excellent condition of our tomato seeds. For a healthy, steady agronomical success of tomato growers all over the world. Our customers trust us with their life's work. So when it comes to GSPP and seed hygiene and quality, we strive to be perfect. The best source for information about GSPP is