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FarMore Technology

What is FarMore® Technology?

FarMore® Technology is a vegetable seed treatment platform developed for and focused on the customer's needs. Syngenta is dedicated to developing innovative products adapted to each individual vegetable crop by combining seed treatment solutions, application technologies and services.

FarMore® Technology is not a stand-alone product; it is a constantly evolving technology platform that showcases Syngenta's full commitment to discovering new and improved seed treatment methods for vegetable production.

Benefits of seed treatment for vegetable growers

A healthy start sets the foundation for strong performance as plants grow. Seed treatments provide protection during the critical germination and emergence stages, when seeds and emerging seedlings are unable to protect themselves against invasive pathogens and pests.

Serving as the first line of defence, seed treatments can improve seedling emergence and plant vitality.


FarMore® Technology in vegetable crops

Not only:

  • Effective protection against seed and soil-borne fungi
  • Gentle on germinating seed
  • Healthy young plants
  • Even crop growth

But also:

  • High-performance solution adopted by professional businesses
  • Advice and guidance for adopters and growers
  • Practically no export restrictions on treated seeds


FarMore® Technology

Apron® XL and Maxim® 480FS are now allowed for a wide range of crops to control seed and soil-borne fungi. The combination is extremely safe for the crop. As well as providing excellent early disease control in vegetables, the FarMore® 480FS overall concept also guarantees the best application techniques and services.

What are the benefits of FarMore® Technology?

• Protection of high-quality seeds
• Custom solutions for specific vegetable crops
• Targeted and accurate application on seeds
• Complement to traditional crop protection
• Improved germination, emergence and seedling health

The value of seed treatment for the grower is greater than just guaranteeing seed emergence, because the crop quality and general production yield are positively affected as well.
Optimum emergence and plant vitality

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