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Wakil XL

What is Wakil® XL?

Wakil® XL is a combination of three fungicides. The product was specially developed for pea growing. It may only be used as a fungicidal product for the treatment of:
● sowing seeds for agricultural peas, garden peas, snow peas, asparagus peas, field peas and sugar peas
● sowing seeds intended for export, in which case the product may only be used by companies that have prepared a hazard identification and risk assessment, as described in the…

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Advantages of sowing seed treated with Wakil® XL

  • Wakil® XL is a broad-spectrum fungicide to control soil-borne diseases, protecting growth, yield and quality.
  • Wakil® XL offers protection against seed-borne Ascochyta spp complex (Mycosphaerella pinodes and Ascochyta pisi), damping-off and primary downy mildew, including strains that are insensitive to Metalaxyl-M.
  • The combination of three complimentary modes of action makes it the standard treatment for peas.
  • It ensures excellent emergence and crop safety, as the seeds have to deal with far fewer chemicals.
  • It is highly effective in preventing downy mildew damage.

Early control of downy mildew

● Primary infection: soil-borne oospores infect seedlings even before emergence
● Infection is systemic; affected plants have a sickly yellow-green colour, with the underside of the leaf covered in mycelium
● 55% or greater yield loss can occur
● Disease favours wet, humid weather
● Secondary infection: airborne sporangia from primary foci infect foliage and pods of other plants

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