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Insect Control

Vegetable crops can be attacked by a variety of insects, which can damage crops and yield potential, significantly affecting a grower’s bottom line. Some of these pests can also serve as a vector for various diseases that can infect plants, resulting in substantial damage or even plant death.

The solutions of FarMore® Technology offer targeted protection without harming beneficial insects and pollinators to help get crops off to a healthy start and maximize yield potential.


Performance of FarMore® Technology on Insects:

  • Provides early season protection against certain sucking and chewing pests
  • Limits excessive damage to foliage from insects in young vegetable plants
  • Reduces the chance of viruses being transmitted by certain insects
  • Excellent compatibility with existing insect protection strategies in vegetable crops
  • Compatible with IPM – Integrated Pest Management programs
  • Improves yield and quality potential