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Botrytis spp.

Botrytis is a genus of anamorphic fungi belonging to the Sclerotiniaceae family. Botrytis (also known as grey mould) belongs to the Hyphomycetes class of fungi and includes around 30 different species. It is a plant parasite found on a wide variety of agricultural and horticultural plants. The fungal species produces firm, dark, branching conidiophors with clusters of lighter conidia (grey en masse). The fungus survives mostly on plant materials and crop waste or as sclerotia. Occasionally, a species can survive on the seed and affect the plant even during germination. In many cases, however, the plant is not affected until later, once the seed treatment has worn off. In some cases, seed treatment can minimise the effects.


Botrytis aclada

Primary Botrytis aclada infection of onions can occur via infected seed....