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Trial results

Trial results in beans and peas

Would you like to know how Wakil® XL fared in the test? Read the results here…

Proefresultaten witte kool

Trial results in brassicas

Focusing on Leptosphaeria Maculand, Alternaria Brassicicola, Fusarium spp. &…

Trial results in lettuce and endive

Focusing on Rhizoctonia Solani, the tests revealed the positive effects of Maxim®


Trial results in spinach

Tests in which Maxim® 480FS played an important role in controlling Colletotrichum

Proefresultaten ui

Trial results in onions

Interested to know the results of the tests on onions and the effect of Maxim® 480FS

Trial results in carrots

Would you like to know which tests we conducted with carrots? Click here for…

Proefresultaten tomaten

Trial results in tomatoes

The studies revealed that Maxim® 480FS resulted in fewer infected plants…

Proefresultaten komkommer

Trial results in cucumber

Curious about the positive effect of Maxim® 480FS on the emergence of…

Proefresultaten meloen en watermeloen

Trial results in melon and watermelon

The study clearly demonstrated the difference between Maxim® 480FS and Thiram…

Proefresultaten paprika

Trial results in peppers

A series of tests clearly show the effect of Maxim® 480FS on Fusarium…


Trial results in lamb's lettuce

Rhizoctonia Solani is a common disease in lamb's lettuce. This specifically zooms in

Proefresultaten pompoen

Trial results in pumpkins and gourds

Interested to learn more about the study in which Maxim® 480FS and Thiram were…