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Seed treatment in aromatic root herbs

Various aromatic root herbs

The name says it all; Root washed. The root is used. The parts of these crops to be harvested and consumed are wholly or partly underground. The habitat of germ and soil fungi. Young plants can therefore become continuously ill, sometimes resulting in no emergence or a damaged and therefore practically unsaleable crop. If anything else can be harvested. The protection of these tubers and roots therefore starts with an excellent seed treatment.

  • Angelica
  • Burnet Saxifrage Root
  • Turnip rooted parsley
  • Other aromatic root crops

Various aromatic root herbs diseases

ALTERNARIA SPP. – leaf spots | The disease Alternaria is common in various aromatic root herbs. Leaf spot causes loss of seedlings. Dark brown to black lesions develop on the leaves, usually with a yellow edge. As these lesions grow, the whole leaf may discolour. The disease develops most rapidly at a temperature of ...

FUSARIUM SPP. – fusarium wilt | The disease Fusarium is common in various aromatic root herbs. Characteristic of fusarium wilt are wilting and total root rot. A pinkish mildew may also be visible. The disease may be seed, wind or soil-borne and ...

RHIZOCTONIA SPP. – damping off | The disease Rhizoctonia is common in various aromatic root herbs. High humidity will intensify damping off. The disease can be identified at an early stage by leaf spots just above the ground and in the middle of the outer leaves. These lesions can prevent or impede further crop growth. At high humidity levels ...

SCLEROTINIA SPP.  – lettuce drop | The disease Sclerotinia spp is common in various aromatic root herbs. Lettuce drop affects the stems and leaves that are in contact with the soil. Infected tissue will develop a brown watery decay. Plants will wilt and collapse. White mycelia and small (3-5 mm), irregularly shaped black ...

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