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Seed treatment in various fruiting vegetables

Various fruiting vegetables

Maxim® 480 was already allowed in most fruiting vegetables. Some smaller crops are added to the list. The cultivation of pickles in the EU is grown on a limited scale by highly specialized companies. Fusarium is an important disease that can destroy cultivation. Good seed protection is an essential part of achieving a healthy crop. Okra probably comes from Ethiopia. After that he spread the Middle East and North Africa further. Okra is nowadays grown in almost all (sub)tropical areas. Unlike most exotic vegetables, Okra is not grown in Dutch greenhouses and is therefore also a small crop in the EU. The conditions in the growing areas often give rise to a very high disease pressure. Seed treated with Maxim 480FS is protected from the start.

  • Gherkin
  • Okra

FUSARIUM SPP. – fusarium wilt | The disease Fusarium is common in various fruiting vegetables. Characteristic of fusarium wilt are wilting and total root rot. A pinkish mildew may also be visible. The disease may be seed, wind or soil-borne and ...

RHIZOCTONIA SPP. – damping off | The disease Rhizoctonia is common in various fruiting vegetables. High humidity will intensify damping off. The disease can be identified at an early stage by leaf spots just above the ground and in the middle of the outer leaves. These lesions can prevent or impede further crop growth. At high humidity levels ...

SCLEROTINIA SPP.  – lettuce drop | The disease Sclerotinia spp is common in various fruiting vegetables. Lettuce drop affects the stems and leaves that are in contact with the soil. Infected tissue will develop a brown watery decay. Plants will wilt and collapse. White mycelia and small (3-5 mm), irregularly shaped black ...

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